Abraham Kriel Bambanani is a registered NPO providing care and skills development for traumatised children and youth in need, in the greater Johannesburg area. We provide shelter, physical care, rehabilitation and skills development for beneficiaries that had been subjected to trauma, abuse, molestation, poverty, neglect and unemployment. This is done via residential care, community services and educational programmes.


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Ons blink sterre

Dit is wonderlik om ‘n doel te bereik, maar om ‘n doel te bereik teen alle verwagtinge is ‘n seën en ‘n ongelooflike  gevoel.  Die kinders dra hul prestasies soos ‘n kleed, en die groot glimlagte en trotse houding oor wat hulle bereik het, is net “price-less”. Fondswerwing, maandelikse en eenmalige en enige ander donasies,…

The shining stars of Abraham Kriel

Achieving a goal is a great feeling but achieving a goal when the odds are stacked against you is a blessing and a feeling like no other. They wear their colours of achievement with pride and the smiles on their faces, knowing they accomplished something, is priceless. Through fundraising, monthly and once-off contributions, visits and…


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