Jane recently attended her matric farewell and was surprised and made to feel special on the day by her principal. She is a 19 year old young woman, raised at our Kempton East satellite house. Her principal mentioned her in his speech when addressing pupils: “I am very proud of Jane because she does not let her past determine her future. For a child that grew up in a children’s home, Jane really shows that children in her situation can make it to the top”.

This speech has boosted Jane’s confidence and has made her realise that she matters; she is important and her dreams are valid. “I couldn’t be more proud of myself. I’ve achieved so much and all this through hard work and dedication. I don’t think I would have made it this far if it wasn’t for the children’s home, the community and all those people who care for me. I got a second chance and grabbed it with both hands”, says Jane.

Jane came from a place where she felt unwanted and unimportant. In the home she found herself amongst equally “broken spirits”. But somehow she and her sisters in the home built one another up until they could believe in themselves and dream about a future. Kind people made it possible for Jane to realise her first dream for her to attend the matric dance.

Jane looked stunning on the night of her matric farewell and says she felt beautiful and couldn’t believe how special she felt.

You can view photos taken of Jane before she left for her farewell here.