I didn’t even exist before 2016

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I was born in South Africa but my parents are from Serbia and Montenegro. I came to the children’s home in December 2010 and have had problems with my citizenship papers ever since.

Tannie Nicoli (housemother) and I have been to the Department of Home Affairs dozens of times and sadly things just never worked out in my favour.

My name is Jane Kovacevic and I lived at the Kempton East satellite home. The Muller family, tannie Nicoli, oom Frans, their children and friends have been more than a family to me. They gave me a stable home and life and have taught me a lot of things. I don’t know where I would be without them.

I completed my Matric in 2015 but I thought I wouldn’t make it. Aunty Patti (tannie Nicoli’s daughter) and her friend, who works at Home Affairs, assisted me with getting an unabridged birth certificate so that I could complete my Matric. My social worker, Tamara, went the extra mile and managed to get my passport at the Serbian embassy.  Before then, I DIDN’T EVEN EXIST! I received my passport in January 2016. At the end of that same year, a family friend, who is a lawyer, referred me to legal aid and that helped me very much. As of Wednesday, 25 July 2018, I have dual citizenship and am finally legal after 22 years of my life. And, in even better news, I can finally start my diploma in Financial Accounting/Business Management.

I am beyond blessed to be a part of the Abraham Kriel family. I can never thank Abraham Kriel, the Mullers, the community, the donors and all those involved in raising me enough. YOU have made me a strong young woman today.