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Care for Traumatized Children

Care for Traumatized Children The Need to Care for Traumatized Children The Need to Care for Traumatized Children It is no secret – the world can be a challenging place, with obstacles, challenges and sometimes real horrors waiting around every corner. Even as an adult who has the necessary support, navigating this ...

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Child Donations

Child Donations If You Want to Help a Child, Donations Are the Best Approach We were all young once. While growing up, some of us had more than others. Some were lucky to grow up in happy, healthy homes, while others had to navigate a more challenging path in life. Whatever your ...

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Child Rehabilitation

Child Rehabilitation Helping Children in Need Prosper Not all of us get the same start in life. This is the unfortunate reality we live in. In South Africa, in particular, there are a large number of children who face an array of struggles that threaten to derail their development into healthy, balanced ...

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Children’s Shelter

Children’s Shelter So Much More Than Just a Children’s Shelter It is often said that children are our future. Yet, when you look at the conditions many children are forced to live in in South Africa, it does not paint a picture of a very bright future. Abraham Kriel Bambanani is a ...

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Non-Profit Organisation

Non-Profit Organisation A Non-Profit Organisation With Its Eye on a Brighter Future South Africa is a beautiful, problematic, hopeful, troubled, and complex country. We have some of the most amazing people found anywhere on earth. We have natural resources that are the envy of other nations. Talent abounds and creativity is in ...

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Childcare Johannesburg

Childcare Johannesburg The Need for Quality Childcare in Johannesburg Abraham Kriel Bambanani is a registered NPO that provides childcare and skills development for traumatised children and youth in need in the greater Johannesburg area. The provision of care and early development opportunities for children should, not be underestimated under any circumstances. Alternative ...

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Help Children In Need

Help Children in Need 7 Ways How You Can Help Children in Need We all realise the importance of doing our bit to help children in need. But what exactly are the needs of the youth? South Africa is a country of extremes – even with our natural riches, developed upper class, ...

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Child Support

Child Support Child Support Initiatives Are Essential to a Better Future for All South Africans It is often said that children are the future. This is not only because they are the adults of tomorrow. It is because their ideas build on the society we have today. They are responsible for taking ...

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Children’s Home

Children's Home Shaping the Future: So Much More Than a Children’s Home Only No matter how you look at it, the youth are our future. It is up to them to carry the torch and drive our wonderful nation forward. However, due to extreme social inequality, poverty, crime, health issues, and many ...

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