The shining stars of Abraham Kriel

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Achieving a goal is a great feeling but achieving a goal when the odds are stacked against you is a blessing and a feeling like no other. They wear their colours of achievement with pride and the smiles on their faces, knowing they accomplished something, is priceless. Through fundraising, monthly and once-off contributions, visits and time spent with these shining stars, YOU’ve unlocked a world of potential. Here’s how you’ve made a difference:

Maria Kloppers Campus        Satellite Homes     Langlaagte Campus

Johanna Malan ECDC:

The annual school play shone a spotlight on one of the girls, and shine she did! Thuto (pseudonym), was one of the narrators for the “The Bible” themed school play and has been at JMECDC since 2015. For the first year and a half at the pre-school, she struggled to talk, would mumble and nobody could understand her. She was three at the time and could not even speak her native language. Her parents were advised to take her for speech therapy, which worked wonders. It took a lot of hard work and patience but she did it. “It was quite an achievement for her to stand on stage, memorise and speak all her lines with confidence and clarity. She will be graduating from Grade R this year and is one of our top academic pupils”, says Betsie Momsen – Principal at JMECDC.


Taking a taxi or bus to town is normal for many but for the children of Westbury, it is an experience. This year, our beneficiaries were able to visit an art gallery, attend a theatre show and visit the zoo. Our teens are looking forward to their annual youth camp in December. The Westbury campus has also started a reading club that helps beneficiaries who struggle with reading, writing and spelling.

AKB Extended Family programme in Zola

Mabel and Xena from our home-based care programme in Soweto are doing well and are working towards a better future for themselves. Mabel’s grandmother is diabetic and does not receive a pension grant, which has put a strain in the family’s finances. But that hasn’t deterred Mabel from wanting to do well in her studies. She was in the Top 10 top learners for the Grade 8 class at her school and was awarded with a certificate.

Xena is a Math whiz! She received an award for Mathematics from Hard Workers SA and was invited to appear on SABC 1’s kids’ current affairs programme, Kids News Room. This young writer and avid story book reader has written a selection test at the Curtis Nkondlo School of Specialisation in hopes of being placed in 2020.

*All names have been changed