Child Care

Child Care Is a Necessity that Benefits the Entire Community

We all know the famous African proverb that states, “It takes a village to raise a child.” In short, it refers to the fact that it requires an entire community to provide for and interact in a positive manner with children in order for these children to grow and thrive in a safe and healthy environment. Child care, however, has an even bigger impact than the development of the children only. It goes both ways – it is also vital in order for the community to grow and thrive. Without a new generation of healthy individuals to carry on driving development, a community will eventually spiral into poverty and disarray.

It is, therefore, vital that we all pitch in to provide proper child care to those who have been left behind due to their circumstances, whether it be the result of poverty, illness, crime, or any other misfortune. This has, in essence, been the objective of Abraham Kriel Bambanani for well over a century. Our story started in 1902 when Rev. Abraham Kriel established a safe haven in Langlaagte for children who were orphaned during the South African war. Since then, we have grown in many ways to meet the changing demands of youth in need to ensure we can help raise a new generation of capable and empowered individuals.

Today, we boast an established child care network in the greater Johannesburg area through which we provide shelter, physical care, rehabilitation and skills development for children and youth in need who have been subjected to trauma, abuse, molestation, poverty, neglect and unemployment, amongst other things. This support is provided via residential care, community services and educational programmes.

These programmes and services include:

  • Residential care solutions – provided to traumatised, molested, abandoned, neglected and orphaned children, as instructed by the Children’s Court
  • Community programmes – looking after more than 550 children affected by HIV/Aids, including through home-based programmes and drop-in centres that provide support to guardians who are struggling financially
  • Educational programmes – the Johanna Malan Early Childhood Development Centre and Endemi Skills Centre provides skills development and the opportunity for youths to complete their education to empower them to realise a better future

While our team does wonderful work that changes lives, we cannot continue to provide the quality child care we are currently delivering without your support. As a non-profit organisation, we are dependent on your donations to keep going. Any bit of support helps, whether it’s a once-off donation, a fundraiser, or a monthly contribution. To find out how you can help us raise the next generation, view our website.



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