The right person for the job

Categories: Blog,December 2017

Thapelo, a well-qualified Zulu speaking male therapist working for ICAS* sacrifices his Thursday evenings to see three boys at the Maria Kloppers Campus.  He is amazing.  His calm approach and high sense of confidentiality helped the boys to see life in perspective.  Thapelo was able to address cultural issues in the boys’ own language and the boys immediately connected with him.  We have seen aggressive behaviour change into controlled appropriate behaviour.  Through these therapeutic sessions the boys were able to find their true identity and they connected with Thapelo who addresses issues in a unique manner.  Within a few months we were able to see a difference in the boys’ behaviour.  They were equipped with basic life skills and they felt empowered.

Thapelo is more than just a Zulu speaking male therapist.  He has great skills and receives support and guidance from his supervisors at ICAS.  He has managed to guide and direct three of our most difficult teenage boys and as a result they are growing stronger every day and they are able to deal with almost any difficult situation by applying the skills taught to them by Thapelo.

Thank you ICAS and Thapelo.  Your impact on the lives of these impressionable boys will last them a lifetime!

*ICAS Southern Africa is an employee wellness service provider, a leading provider of behavioural risk management services to the business community.