The Gauteng Tshepo 500 000 Job Seekers Placement Programme

Categories: Blog,March 2017

The Emdeni Skills Development Centre has partnered with Godisang Development and Lulaway together with the Department of Social Development under the Gauteng Tshepo 500 000 programme to assist job seekers with finding employment.

The Job Seekers Programme aims to create visible platforms for job seekers in Gauteng to look for employment. The programme is an extension of the Emdeni Skills Development Centre and will be carried out at the centre in Soweto. The Job Seekers Placement programme is meant to serve the communities of Emdeni, Zola and surrounding areas. This initiative will be running for a year and is open to the general public, matriculants and non-matriculants, graduates and our very own students at the centre. This is a great opportunity for our students as it grants them access to potential employment prospects.

It is the Emdeni Skills Development Centre’s mandate to make sure that we grant people opportunities that will better their lives. This partnership has given new impetus to our drive to improve the lives of the people of Soweto.