We need you to be the angel in the lives of South Africa’s abused, abandoned and broken children.

You can protect them, heal them and develop them.

They need you to #betheirangel.


A Stars for Charity event in September will give you, and our loyal celebrities and companies, the opportunity to meet the children you care about and celebrate the relief and hope you restored by being their ANGEL. More details to follow soon.

Contact Annamart Viljoen at av@abrahamkriel.org / 082 5777 445 if you would like:

More information about the Stars for Charity: #betheirangel campaign or join the SFC Facebook group
Event sponsorship opportunities
Detailed proposals on each need with Tax and BEE benefits explained

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Join the Stars for Charity Facebook Group for more details and info about how you can make a difference with the Stars for Charity: #betheirangel campaign.





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