Running to a brighter future

Categories: Blog,June 2019

“We’re meant to trust and love our parents. So it becomes very confusing when they do and say hurtful things; things that make me wonder why I was born and that change the world into a very bad place” – Andy* (14).

Two years ago, we met 12 year old Andy. When he arrived here, he was very shy but had major anger issues – anger he carried for years because of the abuse he and his siblings endured at the hands of their step-father. Andy was removed from his parents’ care and placed in a foster home. There he was wrongfully accused of misconduct and was deeply unhappy. He was placed in our care in 2017 and in the two years we’ve known him, we’ve seen a huge improvement in his behaviour and personality. And it is mostly thanks to sport. Athletics has changed Andy’s life.

Andy has been demonstrating his athleticism at school. He’s the 400m champion of his school and he gets excited every time we speak about it. “Athletics has allowed me to deal with my anger and the rejection I’ve experienced. I’m in a home now, where love is consistent and I know what to expect every day. I am happy”, says Andy.

“I’m proud of Andy. The shy boy he once was, has become this happy child who is always singing and dancing around the house”, says Andy’s housemother, Elize Henn.

The stigma that sometimes follows a child that has been abused may become a burden right into adulthood. It is in a place like Abraham Kriel Bambanani, where donors contribute so much to making a difference, that children are given a second chance to become the people they were meant to be. It is their chance to understand that they too mean something to someone and that they matter. Your role as a donor in Andy’s life and in the lives of other children like him, is immeasurable. Because of YOU the next chapter in Andy’s life will be filled with happy and loving memories. Thank you for caring.

If you know of someone who also wishes to make a difference in the life of a child, please refer them to our website at and click on the donate button. There you will find a passport to a new life for a child. Please consider getting a child that passport!!!

*Not his real name