My sister dreams of the Olympics

Categories: Blog,June 2017

Hi there, my name is Brenda (pseudonym) and I want to tell you about my incredible, but sometimes annoying, sister Sonja (pseudonym). Sonja (16) and I are twins and live in one of the houses on the Langlaagte campus and have called this place home for the past eight years. Having a twin sister means you have a best friend and confidant that understands you entirely. My sister and I are very close and I love her dearly. She makes me so proud.

My sister is a pupil at The Hamlet School and is dyslexic, which means she has difficulty writing and reading. This can be very frustrating for her at times but she lets all her frustrations out on the sports field. Sjoe! But my sister is quite the athlete. She’s into cricket, rugby, soccer, cycling, softball, netball, cross country and her favourite, swimming. Give my sister time in the pool and you will see a totally different side to her. She is at her happiest in the pool. She loves being in the water and says she feels free when swimming. With all these activities, it’s no surprise that Sonja has won the Sports Woman of the Year award.

She’s dedicated to the sport. I mean, no swimming season goes by without her bringing home a trophy, a couple of medals and/or a certificate. It’s always fun and inspiring when the other girls and I support her at the various competitions she participates in. We are like her personal travelling cheerleaders.

She dreams of being in the South African Olympic swimming team in the future. I know she’ll make the team. She just needs a professional coach that will help her achieve this dream. So, if you know of any coach willing to work with her, please let the tannies at Langlaagte know, she would really appreciate it.

I look forward to the day when she walks around the stadium with the South African flag held high at the opening ceremony of the Olympics, just like her swimming hero Chad le Clos.