67 minutes seems short but the moments shared and memories made in giving back to those less privileged will forever be time well spent. At Abraham Kriel Childcare we appreciate and cherish the time YOU spend with us. If YOU would like to spend your 67 Minutes with us, we have a few suggestions for ways in which you can make a difference.


◊ Make a R67 donation   Donate Here 
◊ Join us at our Community Services Sports Day in Westbury and donate much needed items such as food, eating utensils, sports kits, etc., to make this day happen for the kids. Contact Morgan Mahala at morgan@abrahamkriel.org / 011 839 3058 for a detailed list of all the items that are needed.
◊ Wash windows at a house/campus
◊ 67 rolls of kitchen towels/ dish cloths
◊ Spread for bread (Sandwich spread/Peanut butter/Bovril/Syrup). Please note: no fish paste/Marmite.
◊ Help out at the Community Services kitchen: Bring fresh veggies and help prepare them. (Please bring own knife)
◊ Tick off an item from our needs list.
◊ 67 Nappies for 67 Minutes. Click here for more info.
◊ Refuse bags for Langlaagte clean up: Our children would like to do their bit for Mandela Day by cleaning around the campus and need refuse bags.
If you would like to spend your 67 minutes with us, please contact us today to make arrangements.