Lasting memories at the sea

Categories: Blog,November 2017

This year children from our Maria Kloppers campus got to experience the magic of a sea holiday for the first time. These precious memories will for ever be banked in their minds and hopefully counterbalance some of the horrific experiences and trauma they had to endure before being placed in the care of Abraham Kriel Childcare.

Themba has been with Maria Kloppers since birth and has no known family at all. He is a rather quiet and withdrawn boy, who at age seven, struggles to interact with other kids. He had not trouble interacting with waves though. He ran in and out of them with an exuberance that was a joy to behold.

Sadly fourteen children had to say behind despite the fact that there was enough space for them in the donated accommodation. No transport could be found for the kids. The home’s vehicles have been in rapid decline for a while now and are completely unreliable for such a journey. A vehicle could be borrowed from the Langlaagte campus and kind donors added a Volkswagen Combi and a sedan to that mix, but it was still not enough.

Fortunately funds have now been donated for the purchase of one new vehicle for the campus, which will relieve some of the pressure on their transport capability.