Kicking bad behaviour to the curb

Categories: Blog,March 2019

They were defenceless. They were harmed mentally, emotionally, socially and some physically and as a result they have no sense of self, have no boundaries and find it hard to follow rules. Our children come from backgrounds that many cannot fathom but at Abraham Kriel Bambanani YOU and donors like you, play a pivotal role in making sure that our children’s future looks nothing like their past. The mental development of the children in our care is of utmost importance as it makes sure that they grow up to be adults that can care for themselves, for others and never repeat what happened in their past.

Our children have behavioural problems and as much as therapy works well for their mental and emotional development, our kids still need an outlet to let off steam.

It’s been almost a year since some of our children took up karate at the Langlaagte campus. Nicky Johnson and her son, Marcus, have been coaching our children and changing their lives. The class currently accommodates six of our children and they are doing very well. Eight year old Albert (pseudonym) joined the class recently and is already showing signs of changed behaviour.

“Albert has behavioural issues but he really tries hard and has really connected with me. He is struggling but I am waiting in anticipation for the moment when he develops the competencies and the boost in self-confidence he so desperately needs. An unexpected hug that communicates trust from him, is always very special”, says Nicky. Albert, Xola, Candice, Sherry, Geraldine and Thuli have found a home or sense of belonging in their karate class. Nicky would like to take them to the next level and she needs YOUR help to achieve this. Our children need R 4 050.

This will cover:

A karate kit for three children @R350 X 1 and R380 X 2

Grading for 6 children @ R180 per child

Intensive training with Shihan Harry @ R150 per child and

to participate in a contest @ 160 per child  in June.

“In the karate world, it is a huge privilege to be trained by the Grand Master himself, so I would really appreciate it if the kids can participate”, says Nicky. “As important as a kit is for sense of belonging, these events are what motivate the kids to want to persevere and give their best in class. Earning a new belt and even a medal is a huge confidence booster”, adds Nicky.

“The kids never fail to touch my heart. I am always excited by their enthusiasm and desire to please. One of the girls has even taken it upon herself to fill our water bottles and wash the cups for every class so that everyone has water to drink during our breaks. She’s also offered to sew one of the little boy’s stripes onto his belt which indicate his rank. I hope to encourage pro-social behaviour in all of them and teach them to be appreciative of all the people around them.” Nicky added.

Help Nicky take our children to the next level, please contact: Colette Ramjathan on 011 839 3058/60 / should you be able to help.