The Johanna Malan Early Childhood Development Centre serves 65-75 children annually with formal pre-school education in Observatory, Johannesburg. These children benefit from a highly respected and successful school readiness programme. Apart from our Maria Kloppers campus toddlers, the children come from poor families in Yeoville and surrounding areas. This provides them with an important educational foundation, essential to their development and growth.

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In addition:

  • We provide in the physical, social and educational needs of children aged 2½ – 7
  • From age 5 – 6/7 we provide a school readiness program in a Grade R class.We believe that it is very important for children to have a good educational foundation before they start Grade 1. And that is what we strive to give.
  • We also strive to create a child-friendly environment conducive to learning, with colourful classes and a wonderful play area.
  • The children’s emotional well-being is continuously developed and regularly evaluated.
  • A balanced activity programme helps develop each child and ensure that he/she has a myriad of experiences.
  • Dysfunctions in the early development of language skills are detected and referred for corrective speech therapy.
  • Foreign children are provided with an opportunity to improve their language skills, which helps prepare them for mainstream education.
  • Cultural boundaries are crossed by teaching children from different language and ethnic groups to socialise in play and learning.

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