The celebrities who are keen and willing are allocated on the request of table sponsors, with a first-come-first-serve policy. We have the cooperation and commitment of numerous celebrities from the music, theatre, film, television and sport arenas. Every year more than 50 celebrities give their time free of charge to be our guests of honour. They  most definitely enable us to sell the tables, by accepting our invitation, as they add glamour and attract the media. No celebrity is receiving compensation.

The evening’s entertainment is provided by volunteering artists delivering a message of encouragement to the children through their songs. To maintain this goodwill, it is important to accommodate performers’ requirements with regards to sound, dressing rooms etc. The performance by our own children from Abraham Kriel Childcare always seems to be a much appreciated show-stopper.

We annually have actors from 7de Laan, Binnelanders, Generations, presenters and public figures like Miss SA,  singers, actors, TV presenters, the Lions rugby players and other legendary sport stars etc. etc.  Even the MC does their part free of charge and the flavor of the moment will be requested to fulfill this roll. We have had the likes of Arnold Geerdts, Hykie Bergh, Lizz Meiring and more, to keep order on stage and stunning performances from Karen Zoid, Dozi, ADAM the Band, Clint & Co. plus Ghapi, Nianell, Heinz Winckler , Jennifer Jones, Willem Botha, etc, etc.

Some sport celebrities have also proven to be loyal supporters. Johan Ackerman and some rugby legends from his generation hardly ever miss a year. The Lions rugby players also support us 100%.

Complementing our My Story campaign we aim to focus on the inspiring messages in music to influence a life story. Participating companies and artists will be requested to nominate their most meaningful SONG to feature on the night, in our efforts to create a most memorable and entertaining show with our country’s favourite Stars performing. We are anticipating another once in a life-time experience with all our performers proudly contributing their talents free of charge. In good tradition they also accommodate a group of Abraham Kriel kiddies to share the stage making our kids feel like the Stars of the evening!

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