YOU can help give dignity to a child in need.


Many children admitted in our care are victims of abuse, neglect, rejection and severe poverty and arrive with the bare clothes on their backs. They are extremely vulnerable and their lives have to be rebuilt with love and patience. We are privileged to be in a position to supply them with good quality second hand clothes but, we need you to buy underwear and socks.

By supporting this need you are helping a child to regain a little bit of dignity. You are helping a child take the first few steps to recovery and a better future.

Nokuthula first arrived at Langlaagte with only the tattered clothing on her back. Here, she received not only good-quality second hand clothing, but some much-needed new underwear as well. But this was cold comfort when her mother passed away during lockdown. She learned of her mother’s death two weeks after the funeral.

This tragedy has devastated her. To restore this young girl to the beautiful and talented young woman that she promises to be will take time, patience and a lot of money. You can help a girl like Nokuthula by donating R20 towards new underwear.


Your At 16, Sibusiso wanted to get away from the children’s home at the Maria Kloppers Campus, so he made as much trouble as he could in the hopes of being sent home. He got permission to go home just before lockdown. Unfortunately, his return was delayed because of the lockdown. Sadly, he suffered many hardships, including getting kicked out of his mom’s place, being mugged at gunpoint and exposed to drugs and prostitution, going hungry and being dirty on the streets before he was brought back. Today, he is determined to make the best of his one chance at a better life.

You can help restore the hope of many more boys like Sibusiso by donating R20 towards a new pair of socks. This will be a small step on his long road to self-respect and living up to his potential. Goes Here


When Lisa came into our care at age seven with her baby brother on her hip, she wouldn’t let go of him. She’d been caring for him for as long as she could remember. His cloth nappy was a sickly shade of grey, yet relatively clean. Her dress, on the other hand, was in tatters, and her bare feet were filthy. She was visibly ashamed of the state of her clothes and body.

Today, Lisa is still small, but she is finally learning how to be a child. Her first steps to dignity arrived along with a gift of brand new underwear and socks. During lockdown, her concern for children who were hungry, cold and miserable because of Covid-19 was touching. It reminded us all of the terrible conditions she’d lived in. And Lisa herself remembers all too well.

Many children in care have stories of heartbreak and suffering. They are extremely vulnerable and their lives have to be rebuilt with love and patience.

You can help a girl like Lisa by donating R20 towards a new pair of socks or underwear. It will be a small step on her long road to recovery and happiness.