3 Ways to Improve Your B-BBEE Score

Abraham Kriel Childcare is a level 1 B-BBEE contributor. Your company can now earn points in partnership with Abraham Kriel Childcare on three of the elements on your scorecard.

1. Skills Development

Skills picMore than 200 students doing skills courses @ our Emdeni Skills Development Centre can succeed with your small grant. Additionally we have African black men and women lined up and pre-registered for the childcare training course that we present. All they need is the funding. Read more about this course here.

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2. Socio-economic Development

socio economicAt least 89% of our beneficiaries are qualifying black South Africans and our programmes are all geared to develop children so that they can become economically self- sustaining.

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3. Ownership

OwnershipLet’s meet to discuss an internally funded broad-based ownership deal.

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BEE hands & stampAny contribution will have B-BBEE benefits BUT now YOU can decide on what element you want to earn points. The racial profile of the beneficiaries is not deliberately managed by Abraham Kriel Childcare, but our focus on reaching some of the most desperately needy children, orphaned by HIV/Aids and the need to support them until they can access the marketplace, has led to this reality.



Click here for more detailed information on how your business can earn B-BBEE points in partnership with Abraham Kriel Childcare

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