Bread before cake

Categories: Blog,December 2016

With this reference to the French revolution Abraham Kriel Childcare faces the reality with which we approach the festive season this year. Our world has become filled with the drum beat of protest action, punctuated by reports of fraud and with the constant backing themes of draught and threats of food scarcity. Our currency weakens and strengthens on waves of uncertainty.

Although for some the festive season is party time, at Abraham Kriel Childcare our approach will be a joyful celebration, with restraint and discipline. For our children and young adult beneficiaries we hope to provide the bread they need, well before the cake they may enjoy briefly. We wish to be part of a solution and strive to be a beacon of positivity.

The current generation of young adults have become disenchanted with their circumstances that have not improved much over the past twenty something years. And the future also looks bleak. They want their life story to be better!

In this environment Abraham Kriel Childcare is proactively looking to find solutions that will sustain the development of a new generation and at the same time teach the currently unemployed generation how to fish for themselves. The next chapter in the life stories of children and youth should be one of hope and progress. We are already doing this on a small scale with a great deal of success, but with the right business partners we can expand on these initiatives to impact more communities. Together we can start building sustainable communities and at the same time our business partners will find the B-BBEE solutions to enhance their competitiveness.

To our individual donors, who support us for the love of children, we ask that you provide the symbolic bread, before the cake. Help us to give our children the care and nurturing that they so desperately need in these troubled times. Help us to give them fun and laughter by creating memories via human interaction rather than too much sugar. For children Christmas and summer holidays should be filled with joy and laughter. – Paul Momsen, Chief Executive

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