ADULTS also have DREAMS!

Categories: Blog,December 2015

tree-multiThe staff members of Abraham Kriel Childcare also have DREAMS!

Our biggest dream is that the heartbreak, disappointment and physical hurt in all the children we care for will heal completely and that they will collect enough happy childhood memories to balance out the ones that hurt.

We want a little girl’s daddy to be her hero and for her to be able to live with him in safety. We yearn, along with our children for each of them to have an own family, where nurturing is as natural as the day is long. We would like for more of the children to develop an “app” and to participate in awesome competitions. We wish for them to be a Joseph, a scientist, a biokineticist, a 7’s rugby player or a famous soccer star.

We undertake to work very hard to help make these dreams come true. What we need is the time and space to be allowed to do this work.

In all honesty we will be deeply grateful to know that there are enough funds to pay for the school uniforms and stationery, the toiletries and university fees and food for Zee and Taryn and Daniel and their 1116 brothers and sisters. We dream of the day when we can cover all the needs of these children and of their caregivers.