A sneak peek at how we spent some of your money in June

Categories: Blog,July 2017

There are always a few things that every housekeeper knows will cost them money. These include bread, milk, washing powder and toilet paper. And there will be nothing to show for this expense at the end of the month.

We spent R74 602 on bread alone in the month. The biggest spenders were The Steinhoff programme that spent R37 100, the AK Family Care programme in Westbury that spent R 12 690 and Langlaagte campus that spent R11 112. None of these come as a surprise, because these programmes have to keep most tummies full during the cold winter months. And while the bread costs a lot, the expenditure was still less than budgeted. At roughly R10 for a loaf of bread, the money bought 7 460 loaves. This would average out to just under ten loaves of bread per beneficiary per month.

Due to the high cost we decided not to provide fresh milk for children, except for babies and toddlers anymore, we have managed to reduce spending on this item drastically. It used to be one of the biggest cost drivers, but in June we managed to get by on R7 432. This has made cheese and eggs more important in the children’s diets. We spent a modest R5 660 on cheese and R4 873 on eggs in June of this year. Thank you to the donor that singles out eggs as a must have item in their donation to us.

Fruit and veggies cost us R63 681 for the month and groceries cost us R77 964. We are very grateful to numerous donors who donated non-perishable groceries as their contribution to Mandela month as this will impact the amount of money from the bank to buy the groceries for some time to come.

The biggie, as always, is meat at R84 734. Still we consider it a bargain. All our beneficiaries get one meal a day that contains protein, usually meat, two vegetables and a starch. That means that the R84 734 paid for the meat in 30 meals x 770 children, not counting live in staff. That is 23 100 meals, which means the average cost of the meat per meal was a mere R3,62. Now that takes some doing!

We are certainly helped in making so little go so far by numerous donations of good quality food coming from a number of sources. I have seen kids tuck into special cheese or polony sandwiches, which are most certainly not on the menu. We could give them this treat because it was donated.

This is merely a small portion of the funds we spent in caring for children. You will agree that it is an important part of that care and we are obliged to ensure that our kids are healthy and growing in body and mind so that they have at least this basic building block to achieve their potential.

Other monthly expenses amongst other things: Maintenance of buildings and vehicles, water, electricity, insurance, fuel, educational fees, therapy, health care, clothes and even pocket money and haircuts. Add to that office costs and don’t forget the salaries of 236 employees.