The prestigious Stars For Charity event started in 1996 as a “Bokke” banquet. Under the Stars For Charity brand, it has evolved into a glamorous celebrity gala event and has become one of the anticipated events on the Abraham Kriel Childcare yearly calendar. “Coming of age” is the ideal time for some exciting modifications. This year we are running the Stars for Charity Edu Campaign.
All the funds raised through this project is utilised to equip the 1,000+ children and youth we serve, with the educational qualifications, life skills and development programmes they so desperately need to conquer in life. We  regard their education and development to be extremely important. 
The compassion of Stars, Companies, Sponsors and the Media do therefore, impact on the future of these kids. This project also encourages companies to make a very effective socio-economic development investment with B-BBEE qualifying benefits.

SFC edu campaign
Education is the key to success. 

Abraham Kriel Childcare is involved in the education and development of more than 1000 children of different ages. We would like to offer them FIVE STAR Education by answering to their needs NOW! Consider the options below and be the key the children of South Africa need.

SKILL-DEVELOPMENT - without BEE note                                                      Note: Specific B-BBEE Benefits apply. See here.

TERTIARY-EDUCATION - enlargedWe believe this is not the main objective, but for a company  to make this decision you need to know that whatever you choose to fund, your donation will qualify for a Section 18 A tax receipt and full B-BBEE benefits with our beneficiary profile verification (87% Black beneficiaries) under either SED, Skills Development or Enterprise Development elements. See the different ways you can improve your scorecard or click here for more info on B-BBEE.

You Can Make Your Key Contribution Here

Be the Key Edu Campaign will continue until February 2018 when student fees are payable and most donors’ financial year comes to an end. The campaign will include a Stars for Charity event/Donor Recognition Dinner in September/October 2017 to acknowledge the KEY contributors that took part in the campaign . This enables our supporters to meet the children and experience the impact of their investment on our beneficiaries’ development.

Your company can unlock these educational doors for disadvantaged children. Please let us know if and how we can apply for funding considering your official policies and objectives!

Please advise on your company’s strategy on Event sponsorships! This opportunity will be promoted in May 2017 to commit to a sponsorship enabling us to host a stunning five star highlight on the social calendar themed My Song – My Story.

Annamart Viljoen
T: 011 839 3058 / 082 577 7445
F: 086 619 7589

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