The satellite homes’ care model is considered the best alternative option to a normal family life, as it eliminates most of the negatives of institutionalisation. We have seven satellite homes situated in, Benoni, Kempton-East, Kempton Kruin, Fontainebleau, Risidale, Mayfair and Linden.

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How does a satellite home work ?

Each satellite home has house parents, one social worker for every three homes and the support of the community. They house between 8 and 12 children. Every satellite home is also unique as the circumstances of its establishment and the conditions of support that the community can provide varies.

Commonalities are:

  • Love, care and support is provided by House parents on a daily basis.
  • Therapeutic services are provided by social workers in the service of Abraham Kriel Childcare.
  • All children are committed into the care of Abraham Kriel Childcare.
  • A campus manager oversees the running of the homes, their administration, supervision of staff, training and development and the management of relations with the surrounding community.
  • All satellite homes either have a committee consisting of community members or another outside agency that is involved, eg. a company that funds the operational expenses of the house. In many cases these committees provide extensive financial and other support, both to the house parents and to the children.
  • The houses are managed like an ordinary home, with all the benefits of being able to interact socially in the community.

Weekend parents or holiday friends can take some of the children out for holidays or weekends and usually form a strong bond with the children until they are 18 years old. 

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