Traumatised, abandoned, neglected and orphaned children are committed into the care of Abraham Kriel Bambanani by the Children’s Court.

Our main aim is:

  • to provide a home to these children
  • to help reunify these children with their parents/family where possible or to reintegrate them into the broader community
  • to develop and empower children so that they can become contributing members of society.

A commited child is:

Removed from the parents or guardians’ care by the court due to neglect, drug abuse or alcoholism, imprisonment, abandonment of the child or sexual or physical abuse.

  • These children’s parents cannot care for them or provide for them due to:
    – Extreme poverty
    Health or disability reasons
    Abusive home situations
    behavioural problems in the children
  • Orphaned children
  • Abandoned children

We provide:

  • A home with parents or child care workers
  • Daily meals
  • Healthcare
  • Therapeutic services
  • Social work services
  • Access to formal schooling and a tertiary education or skills training where appropriate or possible
  • Cultural and social rehabilitation Empowerment to take responsibility for their own lives
  • Exposure to values
  • Opportunities to develop abilities and talents
  • Exposure to positive role models

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