New Corporate Identity For Abraham Kriel Childcare

Categories: February 2014

Twelve years after our centenary Abraham Kriel Childcare faces a world with as many challenges as it did twelve years after it first opened its doors. That was the time of the World War I and the young organisation was bursting at the seams with children in need.

Today Abraham Kriel Childcare faces a world where youth unemployment, child abuse, poverty and HIV/AIDS compete for attention. As we did then, we respond to the needs that exist now.

While Abraham Kriel Childcare always reflected society, many people did not see that. A perception that it is a white organisation for mainly white children persisted, despite an annual growth in both the number and percentage of Black and Coloured beneficiaries. At the last count we had more than 1 000 beneficiaries of whom 76.5% were black, 12% coloured and 11.5% white.

Our new logo, that incorporates four South African languages and clearly shows that we care for boys and girls of all races, goes a long way to communicate the true face of a multiracial Abraham Kriel Childcare that respects all cultures. Still, everyone at Abraham Kriel Childcare wishes to retain our roots as represented by the name of our founder. Our history proves that this is an institution that can be trusted and relied upon to persist in caring for the most vulnerable children and young people around us.

We are proud to present our new logo. It reflects Abraham Kriel Childcare as it is today, whilst Abraham Kriel Childcare continues to reflect society as it is today. Although this reflection shows a great deal of need and suffering amongst our children, it also shows faith, love and hope.


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