On a hill in Observatory, Johannesburg, boasts the beautiful Maria Kloppers campus with 4 residential houses and a baby unit that overlooks the valley below. This campus can accommodate approximately 50 children including 20 babies and toddlers that need a place of safety.

More about this campus

The type of children on this campus:

  • 12-15 babies in the baby unit, where childcare workers are awake around the clock to ensure well-cared for babies
  • In the 4 active houses, 10 children are accommodated per house, ranging in age from 18 months – 18 yrs. They are cared for by house parents.
  • The babies and children come from all races.
  • Boys and girls are represented in more or less equal numbers.
  • Babies with illnesses or disabilities taken into care exceed the norm in society.

The aim of this campus is:

  • To provide holistic care for children from birth to the time when they can be re-integrated into society. That time should be sooner rather than later, especially in the case of babies.
  • Placement of babies and toddlers with own parents as a first choice, with adoptive parents as a second choice or with foster parents as a third choice is the ideal. Despite this, some children will remain in the care of Abraham Kriel Childcare.
  • In line with our mission, the development of children on all levels remains a priority in the care program. Each child will have an independent development plan, in which they will be involved as soon as they are old enough to understand it.

Adoption and foster care programs:

It is a well established wisdom that babies need to bond with a primary care giver in order to develop the social skills that are needed for a happy and fruitful life. This is almost impossible to achieve in a children’s home, where staff care for many and are not permanent as seen from a child’s perspective. For that reason it is in the babies’ best interest to be re-united with their biological mothers or if that is not possible to be adopted or placed into foster care. We work with outside agencies that do the adoptions, but wish to develop foster care placements further to ensure long term success. Click here for more information with regard to adoption and foster care.

26 De la Rey Street, Cnr St Georges Street Observatory Johannesburg

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