The Holiday Friend Programme


The children’s home makes use of a policy and procedures to deal with the selection and fitment of holiday friends within the boundaries of our mission, the law and the best interest of the child.

The Goal Of The Holiday Friends System

The holiday friends are our partners in the education and care of the child and the we put a lot of trust in these families to model as a healthy functioning family. Our children should learn to how to be part of such a family, how to be part of normal family interaction and should experience family bonding, family fun, constructive family conflict and the showing and receiving of love and care.

Criteria For Holiday Friends

Holiday friends should provide the following:

  • Healthy norms and values
  • Stable and nurturing family environment – if a couple is not married there should be a relationship of a permanent value (sharing of same household and other responsibilities)
  • Not a need or desire for a child of their own
  • Not a need or desire for a playmate for their children
  • A need and urge to render a service to a child
  • Ability to give the child acceptance and approval
  • Willingness and ability to cope with a child that is probably traumatized
  • Do not have habits that is detrimental to the child’s development, like the misuse of substances
  • Do not have a criminal record or was not involved in an incident where sexual abuse of children was alleged
  • Mature, stable, freedom from emotional problems
  • Should give fair and consistent attention and discipline
  • Able to stimulate children to develop wholesome attitudes and desirable social habits
  • Able to work as a team member with the social worker, house parent and own family of child
  • Self-discipline and self-motivation with healthy self-confidence.

1. No discrimination on grounds of a person’s religious beliefs, sexual orientation and marital status will be imposed.
2. It is however important that children be placed as far as possible with people with healthy, Christian norms.
3. A trustworthy reference of the applicants will have to describe their values and whether his/her family life is of a healthy and stable environment.

Placement of Children with Holiday Friends

The following should be taken into account:

  1. The preference of the holiday friends regarding age and sex
  2. The willingness and ability of holiday friends to cope with specific behaviour or other problems of the child
  3. The position of the holiday friends’ own children
  4. The religious upbringing of the child and whether the child will benefit from the religious beliefs of the holiday friends
  5. The needs of the specific child (whether the child needs a family or an adult mentor)

The rights of the individual can be limited here in order to assure the best interest of the child.

Selection Procedures

  1. Applicants should fill out an application form obtained from the social worker.
  2. The social worker will contact the applicants for an interview and where further procedures and details will be explained.


For more information or to request an application form, please contact Maretha van Zyl: Programme Manager: Social Services at / 011 839 3058.

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