At Abraham Kriel Childcare we believe that every child needs to be educated in his/her mother tongue and according to their abilities. This policy to develop a child to his or her full potential works both ways. We do not only accommodate their shortcomings, but also acknowledge each child’s special talents or intellectual abilities. Where possible young people with the drive, the ability and the academic results are given the opportunity to study at a Tertiary institution, where they can complete, certificate, diploma or degree courses to qualify them for the workplace. This is entirely dependent upon the availability of bursaries and sponsorships to pay for studies and living expenses.

Many of our children attend formal schools which involves a variety of options depending on the needs and abilities of a child. Children are enrolled at the most appropriate and closest local institution whether it is the main stream school or a special schools for children with disabilities.

Our children all have some emotional baggage and if we want them to make the most of their educational opportunities, we have to equip them with the empowering support and encouragement as well as the school stationery, appropriate clothing and day to day needs.

Funds received for Education, need to cover:

  • pre-scholars, some enrolled at private crèches and some within our own Johanna Malan Early Childhood Development Centre
  • primary and secondary school learners,
  • children who suffer from some kind of impairment or learning disability (attending special schools)
  • severely traumatised children in need of individual attention
  • young adults in Skills Development training
  • students – college and university (living costs included)
  • school stationery
  • school sport and recreation
  • pastoral services
  • school clothing

Abraham Kriel Childcare also runs the following educational programmes:

Johanna Malan ECDC   Impact School   Emdeni Skills Development Centre

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