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Welcomed Blessings in Abundance on Mandela Day

Abraham Kriel Childcare cannot begin to even express their heartfelt thanks and appreciation as the willingness and kind-heartedness of the public was overwhelmingly evident through the support and assistance received on this commemorative day. With social services having to deal with a multitude of disappointments, a current reality in South Africa, there is light at…

Winnie Mandela visit

Winnie and Zinzi Mandela visit Child-Headed Families

On Friday 11 July 2014, Winnie Mandela and her daughter Zinzi visited two child-headed families who are part of our HIV/AIDS Community Services programmes in Emdeni, Soweto. One of the families they visited is comprised of two teenage boys, one who is at University of Johannesburg studying a Human Resources diploma. The other family they visited have…


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